Friday, May 22, 2009

This was written after reading a poem I found at the link below called "A sliver of the moon" - check it out

No Son No Moon

Self absorbed enveloped by the corona
Emaciated with a lacquer based aroma
The time to doze is the opposite
Of the dose I really need
Minutes are the composite
Of this empty life I lead

Writing’s always running
Hand in hand with THC
Observations crystallized
With each strike of a key

Hope looms in discounted fate
Readied for the payoff
While atrophying in the wait

Omission of digression
Is the mirror I’m in need of
No foray to interfere
But to see what I’m in fear of

Its funny how being jaded
Can make you so elated
Weaving words together
You‘ve verbally masturbated

No fight No fuck No hold No fear
No smoking on the roof
The tune you strain to hear
Is interwoven with truth

And the distant drum
That beats for you
Is all you really have
And the panting in the background
Is what keeps her alive.