Monday, August 23, 2010

New project

Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog page. I need your help with a project. Please.

The model is that I create a facebook page, never actively ask someone to be my friend, hope that people will find me and ask to friend me. I'll join groups that represent a breadth of personality throughout the facebook community. I'd like to nudge all aspiring writers to be creative and make a submission of a story about any topic (please make submissions via Additionally, there will be a progressive writing aspect, I have a few separate chapters (of different books/ treatments that I've started) and I will select a number of writers, provide the copy to them and they will be responsible for writing what happens next or what happened before in the story. Beyond that only time will tell.

There is not a whole lot more that I can expound on but I will give it a go. Basically, I want to document how welcoming the facebook world is. Imagine walking in to fictional train station that served the whole world and every couple of hours you changed the message that was on your tee shirt. Some people are going to ask about it, some are going to comment about it, some are going to want to befriend you. Now imagine asking for some creative input from all of these people who were interested enough to establish some type of communication with you. Should be amazing right? Please participate and spread the word to all of your friends. Re-post, tweet and otherwise share this and any of my post to your friends, your followers,  your wall and your group walls.
Thanks, JS